Here are a few Success Stories from people who have tried our products and have passed on their personal results. There are thousands of these stories available, but too many to include here.

I have always told people to read these Success Stories and if that does not excite them then feel your pulse, because you may not have one!

Should you want a Success Story for any particular ailment or condition, then please do not hesitate to contact me via the Contact Me page.

Some of the Health challenges in these success stories are...
Deafness, Arthritis, Virtigo, Headaches - Migraines, Tension, Cluster Headaches, Debilitating Back Pain, Canal Stenosis, Disc Degeneration, Diabetes, Cancer, Sciatica, Anemia, Insomnia, Asthma, Sebaceous Cysts, Lupus, Lymes Disease, Bronchitis, Stage 4 Nasal Cancer, Macular Degeneration, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Prostate, Tinnitis, Shingles, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons,


Deaf in one ear for over 2 years.
I began taking Stem cell products five days ago. From the beginning I felt much more energy and a general sense of goodwill and positive energy. I looked forward to getting out of bed and starting my busy day. I was able to walk briskly my morning walk, come home and do housework, a thing I have not been able to do for a year or more.

The first day after taking Stem cell nutrition, I cleaned my house from top to toe and did not feel tired at all. It was amazing and I have continued on like this and then the first really amazing thing happened.

I had read all the Testimonials in Ron's Testimonial Booklet and believed them but felt they would not happen for me. I was happy just to be feeling less tired and more positive.
Now, I have a job where I sit and listen to people sometimes for hours and then help them to see things in a different way. For just over two years, one of my ears has become deaf. I had just got to the stage of getting a hearing aid.

Well yesterday I was with a client and I realised that I could hear him clearly. When he left, I went to my phone and listened to the Dial Tone with my GOOD ear and then crossed over to the usually DEAF ear. I could hear the same tone with BOTH EARS!
I was so excited; I rang my girlfriend and talked to her using my so called Deaf side all the time.
I am so thrilled and I immediately wanted to share my joy so I have written to Ron for his Testimonial Booklet.
I wonder if my eyes will improve. I shall wait and see.

My back has already become less stiff and I can bend over and pick things up off the floor and tie my shoelaces and such. I say to all who read this, for goodness sake try it out and give it a go and who knows what miracle will happen for you!

God bless all concerned.

Anne O.
Glenfield, Auckland, NZ.
P.S. Anne is nearing 80 years young! - Ron.


I started using Stem Cell Nutrition and after 2 months decided it wasn´t working for me, however I soon found that my arthritus was more noticeable than ever and my energy level was on empty.

I decided to resume my Stem Cell Nutrition and now my arthritis has gone and my energy level is on full.

Roger Atkinson
Whangarei, New Zealand.


Angelina Silli "Rheumatoid arthritis was my major ailment resulting in extremely painful joints such as knees and legs, and inability to stand up or walk for more than 10 minutes. Also use of fingers, hands and arms greatly impaired by pain, and deteriorated to frozen shoulders and stiff neck.

I felt relief and recovered dexterity after 5 days taking double serving (6 capsules/day). Stem cell nutrition also got rid of vertigo which was starting. Infections come and go with change of weather but do not last long enough to worry me.

Thanks to friend who introduced me to the Stem cell nutrition, I avoided having to use steroids or surgery.

I will continue using Stem cell nutrition to stay active, fit and physically independent despite aging."

Angelina Silli


For ten years, I've suffered from excruciating migraines headaches that made my head feel like it was going to explode.

The migraines were so bad I used to take twenty to thirty aspirin tablets a day.

My doctor ordered an MRI and said I had headaches of every kind: tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraine headaches. He prescribed various muscle relaxants and pain medications, of which I would take eight to sixteen pills every day.
These medications dulled the pain some, but made me sick to my stomach.

I was introduced to Stem Cell Nutrition about two months ago, and now I don't have to take any pain pills whatsoever - the headaches are gone.

I am just thrilled to death! It seems too good to be true. I didn't think anything would ever get rid of my headaches.

I never want to be without Stem Cell Nutrition.

Melody Marlatt.


My progress on my own Stem Cell Nutrition journey ...I have had severe and debilitating back pain , with canal stenosis, disc herniation, and disc degeneration for 17 yrs now ...14 of those years I was on 200 mg of morphine a day.

I have now been on Stem Cell nutrition for about 3 weeks. I can now stand for longer, weed the garden, walk through department stores ...sleep without pain when I move in my sleep. This is totally awesome for me, as I was told that the prognosis was the condition would worsen over time.

That it did ...I am not back to jogging and running yet, but to have made this much progress after 17 yrs of no hope for a bright future, and in only after few short weeks I'm more than impressed and optimistic, especially after reading about and hearing about the recoveries of others.

Maz Bradley,
Carrum Downs, Victoria, AUSTRALIA.


Kia Ora Korua, I´M SO GRATEFUL!!! I thank the Lord I was introduced to Stem Cell Nutrition.
For 10 years I have had severe back pain,lumbar disc prolapse with radiculopathy.
And Severe Headaches, Sciatica down my left leg, High Cholesterol and also anaemia which leaves me with NO ENERGY.
Headaches all day (grumpy). Insomnia, tired and the side effects of the pain killer medication leaving me DOWN feeling useless. It was just so depressing.

Within 1 week of taking Stem Cell Nutrition my pain levels were subsiding, my flexibility and clarity of thinking was returning, my frustration levels had gone down. NO MORE HEADACHES. After 3 weeks NO MORE PAIN.. NO HEADACHES.. NO GRUMPY.. NO SCIATICA.. and a GREAT NIGHTS´ SLEEP AND NO MORE PAIN KILLER MEDICATION.


Des Matene.
Kaikohe, New Zealand.


Gary Minnikin I have been taking Stem cell nutrition since June 2013 and in quite a short time I had relief from chronic back pain from which I had been suffering for a number of years.

However as a Type 2 Diabetic I was a bit shocked when my doctor asked to see me after some routine blood tests. I was rather worried until he told me that my blood sugar results were the best they had ever been and he asked me what I had been doing.

I told him that I hadn't changed my diet or exercised or did anything other than take the Stem cell nutrition products.
Although he didn't know anything about the products he told me to keep taking them as they had made such a fantastic difference.

Gary Minnikin.
Mooloolabah - QLD.


"I had cancer removed from the left ear lobe internal ear canal 5 years ago. Then it was found after two operations that were successful, that I had cancer of the larynx. That was four years ago. I had radiotherapy and was told it had cleared. Two years on, my voice went croaky and speech was hard. A cancer check showed that the voice box was eaten away by cancer.

Four or five years ago I had to have my voice box totally removed (larangectomy) at the Whangarei Hospital. When all this happened I took 9 months to get well enough to go back to work. I lost a lot of weight, found it hard to eat normal meals, swallowing was hard, most food had to be pureed fine which I did not like. I was stomach sick most days and my bowel motion had a lot of gas release backside, also a lot of mouth burping.
Very uncomfortable most days but I managed to work full time on my job as a machine operator with the same company for 30 years. The Company is McBreen Jenkins who had a name change to Transfield Services.
I also have type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, sore joints, nearly had to wear diapers as I was moving towards being incontinent.

I started on Stem Cell Nutrition on November 12 2012. Only taking 2 tablets a day that week. After an injury at work, a mower picked up a copper wire which embedded in my right eyeball, I had an operation to remove the wire on November 8 2012. November 9 I was sent to Greenlane for treatment with antibiotics in my first week, then the Stem cell nutrition started from then on till today.

I feel really good, eat well, gaining weight, no tummy disorder, type 2 diabetes stable blood sugar 4.1, 6.5, no joint pains, heaps of energy, sleep well, out all day enjoying my outdoor activities including fishing and travel. I am very hard to be caught at home. Out enjoying life, my eye injury is also healing ok but may have lens operation after 22.1.2013. Life is really for living and that is what I am doing.

Stem cell nutrition is something my family are wanting to get onto. They have seen me improve in less than two months. I really like my product, it´s given me health improvement I never thought I would see. It is so easy, you take control of your own life."

Peter Tarawa
Tikipunga, New Zealand.


Christine in 2012 Just after discharged from hospital 2014 Christine today in 2017.

Hello, my name is Christine and this is my story.

The place to begin my story would be 23rd July 2014.

I was up shopping and was not feeling really well, the pharmacist demanded my husband to take me up to the Doctors Surgery and be checked out. By the time we got there, which was less than 5 minutes away I was in shock and my system had started to shut down my organs. I was given oxygen and prepared for transport to the base hospital, which was 110 kilometres away by ambulance.

Once in A&E I was checked out and had chest x-rays which disclosed a very severe chest infection and that the lungs were full of fluid and my oxygen level was only 45%.

The Doctors were not sure if I could be saved but with their care and medication I had improved enough to go home 5 days later.

I was then referred to a Pulmonary Specialist and after a series of tests was able to determine my lungs were just not working to their full capacity. Then a CT Scan was done which showed that I had a 6mm nodule in the lower right lung. Further investigation determined early cancer.

I also suffered from severe Pseudomonas for the last 3 years and severe bronchitis and asthma since birth.

After Natalie Scattergood spoke to me about StemEnhance ULTRA, I decided I had nothing to lose and plenty to gain. So I joined as a VIP customer.

Within the first month I noticed I had more energy and the sebaceous cysts that I had on my feet, arms, abdomen and even between my legs, that I had suffered from for the last 10 years, were slowly shrinking. (I was taking 2 capsules of StemEnhance ULTRA a day)

At 3 months from diagnosis I was sent for another CT Scan. My GP knew I had been taking StemEnhance ULTRA and was encouraging me not to stop taking it. My scan results still showed the cancer but it had not shrunk or grown in size so I was very happy.
My eye sight had also improved so I didn't need to wear my glasses all the time.

Continuing with the StemEnhance and on 2 capsules twice a day, the cysts were getting smaller day-by-day, I was ecstatic for that result as some of them were down right uncomfortable.

I have just been for another CT Scan (6 months after my first scan) and I got the best news anyone can get, my scans showed my lung were clear, NO cancer! The Pseudomonas was also only mild as was the bronchitis.

I am sure everyone out in the Doctors waiting room heard me scream for joy.
I could not get home fast enough to tell my husband and then get on the phone to tell everyone.
I will admit that for the last 60 days I have been taking 2x StemEnhance ULTRA morning and night and even with my great news my Doctor has recommended I do not stop taking it.
I am due for another check-up CT Scan in 12 months' time just as a precaution.
Hell, wild horses could not make me stop taking my StemEnhance ULTRA.

I have now paid fees to be an Independant Business Owner and will work telling as many people about StemEnhance ULTRA as I can and share my story with them.



Chris's reply after I asked how she went with her check-up and CT Scan that was done 12 months later as a follow up.

Well my lung specialist was very happy with my health progress. My lungs are still clear from any cancer and I am much stronger now. I have not had any flare-ups from the Pseudomonas since Sept 2016, so no trips to hospital.

I can't have a double lung transplant as I have also been diagnosed with Lupus but I don't care, I feel stronger than I have ever been in my life. Won't give up my Stem Enhance Ultra for anyone!

Chris -Victoria Australia

Update. 24th March 2017.

Well people, here is the latest update in regards to my health journey-
After battling for 2 years with Lupus my last blood tests came back with NEGATIVE for Lymes Disease and NEGATIVE for LUPUS. My lungs have improved beyond any Doctors expectations or mine. I am so happy for Cerule Stem Enhance Ultra, I am living proof that Cerule does work.
For anyone that is struggling with health issues all I can say is DON'T give up, give it time to do what is needed.

I currently take 2 capsules of StemEnhance ULTRA and the odd time will boost it to 2 capsules of StenEnhance ULTRA twice a day.

Christine C.
- Victoria, Australia.

CANCER - Fourth Stage Nasal Cancer

In March 2009, he was diagnosed with fourth stage Nasal Cancer. It was very painful an could not even get up from the bed. The general hospital in Kuala Trengganu did not want to do chemotheraphy as he was very weak. The family decided to bring him to Kuala lumpur for homeopathic treatment. After 5 months there was no improvement, so they returned to Kuala Trengganu.

In Oct 2009, the family took him to a private medical hospital for a second opinion. The doctor recommended 10 sessions of chemotheraphy and together he rcommended StemEnhance AFA Extract. He took 3 capsules twice a day.

In 2 months, all the pain subsided and he was feeling well.

End of Feburary 2010 he had a CT scan; the doctor was shocked to find that there were no traces of the tumour. Now Sulaiman is able to cycle; ride a motorbike.

He sill takes StemEnhance AFA Extract 3 capsules twice a day.

58 years
Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia.


Before Stem Enhance ULTRA.         After Stem Enhance ULTRA.

Lela had an Optometrist examine her eyes. The Doctor found that she had Macular Degeneration in the one eye and was given only a few months, before that eye would be blind.

After being on the StemEnhance ULTRA for several months, Lela is now enjoying 20-20 vision in both eyes, thanks to her own Adult Stem Cells. She is an avid reader and thus very thankful for good eye sight. She is from Springdale, Washington and is known by many people.

Lela J. Taylor
- Springdale, Washington.


Before Stem Enhance ULTRA.

After Stem Enhance ULTRA.

81 Year old with Pre-existing Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis

Before commencing supplementation he was seeing a specialist preparing for knee replacement.

Taken Stem Cell Nutrition for 7 months. 2 capsules of StemEnhance ULTRA in the morning and again 2 StemEnhance ULTRA at night.

Had another xray taken 7 months later and following this period of supplementation he was advised by the specialist that he no longer required a knee replacement as all the cartlidge had grown back and the bone density repaired. (See the green arrow area on both pictures.)


DeWayne Flint "I am sixty-six years old and have serious health problems. Fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. My average blood sugar level has been 179.

"My feet, legs, and hands are always cold and painful. In addition, I need surgery for an enlarged prostate. I also suffer from tinnitus - a roaring and squealing in the ears - for which specialists did nothing except suggest a hearing aid.

"Within hours of starting stem cell nutrition, my extremities warmed up considerably and did not hurt so much. By bedtime, my glucose levels plummeted to 129. Overnight, my blood sugar levels fell another twelve points.
After two weeks, my blood sugar stabilized in the normal range, and all discomfort in my legs and feet disappeared.

"I no longer have an enlarged prostate - that problem ceased to exist. A sinus condition I have suffered from and doctored since childhood is completely gone. I now enjoy a sense of well being that I never had before.
My tinnitus has improved so much that I can even hear the whispers of my grandchildren as they tell me their secrets."

DeWayne Flint
- USA.


Heiko Lade came down with a dose of the Shingles. In the first week of the attack I had 1 acupuncture treatment and was using ju hua chrysanthemum flowers as a poultice on my eye and taking homeopathics, that got me through the first week. In the second week at home I just rested.

I went back to work in the 3rd week exhausted thinking it will months before I'm back on track.

I started Stemenhance Ultra towards the end of the 3rd week, as soon as I took it I felt a "shift" in myself!

After a few days the scabs fell off, by the 4th week I upped the dose. After another week I had become more flexible when I do yoga, hair growing faster thicker and finger nails stronger.

I have total belief I will have no scars or hole in my head.




I am now taking STem Enhance ULTRA ongoing to see what else it can help me with.

Heiko Lade.
New Zealand.


Elmarie Marais In January 2007 Elmarie Marais developed an extreme headache. The pain came from her neck and ended in the back of her right eye. She thought she was suffering from a muscle spasm and went to a physiotherapist. However massages did not help.

Her vision in her right eye became blurred and she went to see an Eye Specialist. When she told the Specialist that her right hand and foot also experienced tingling sensations from time to time he suspected that she had Multiple Sclerosis and recommended that she see a Neurologist.

The Neurologist sent her for a MRI scan. The results were not good. The scan showed multiple scars, showing up as sixteen white spots on the scan, on different parts of her brain.

She was stunned. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a debilitating disease. It can be aggressive or it can be slow and paralyze you over many years by eating away at your nerves and destroying the myelin sheaths around it.

Her husband, a Cosmetic Surgeon, took immediate action and got her the best treatment medicine could offer - injecting interferon medicines once a week. He also immediately started looking for alternatives to help her combat the disease. That was when he discovered StemEnhance. After getting more information on the product, he was excited and immediately ordered some StemEnhance for her.

Elmarie only took two StemEnhance capsules in the morning as that was the suggested dosage. Within a week she began experiencing relief of her symptoms. At that stage she was already experiencing numbness of her nose, scalp and right ear. And her right hand and foot was always cold and white as a result of bad circulation. The nerves of her right eye were badly damaged and she lost 50% of her ability to distinguish between colours in her right eye. She had to get glasses to work on her computer and to read.

Within a few months most of her symptoms had disappeared as StemEnhance helped her body to recover and to heal her nerves. Her colour distinction has returned to normal and now she only wears her glasses when she is extremely tired. Her hands and feet are warm and the numbness has disappeared. The feeling in her nose, scalp and right ear returned to normal. Even the arthritis in her hands has disappeared.

At her husband´s Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, they now recommend the use of StemEnhance to promote healing of wounds and help people with impaired immune systems.

Elmarie Marais
South Africa.

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